Not so Fast Fatigue, While Running

Not so Fast Fatigue, While Running

Sports are easy and cheap to run. By running regularly can keep the body healthy and fit. But the sport often done without knowing basically ran so ineffective. 

Running Coach and Director of School Mike Antoniades said the knowledge needed to run the correct posture to benefit from running completely. 

"Most people do not run as efficiently as biomechanical techniques less. They are not required to use parts of the body efficiently so that when they should be enjoying themselves while running, they even suffer pain," said Antoniades quoted by the BBC, Saturday (19/7 / 2014). 

Many casual runners actually put more strain on their bodies due to simple things like move your hands while running. Swinging arm while running can reduce oxygen consumption, energy, and helps balance the body while running. 

The study, conducted by researchers at Colorado saw waved effect when 13 runners ran on a treadmill. The participants measured their breathing rate. The result is people who ran the hand menganyunkan more efficient energy consumption by 3 to 13%. 

"Most people think it does not swing her arms more relaxed. That's because they do not need to use arm muscles to lift and bend the joints and move it back and forth," said study leader Christopher Arellano, a biomechanics from Brown University. 

The researchers explain though swinging arms using energy, but with no swinging arms will spend more energy. 

Swinging arm reduces upper body movement, and the portion accounted for approximately 40% to 50% weight of the entire body. On the other hand, the arm only has a weight of 10% of the total weight of the body so that when running with arm swing will be more efficient.
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