How Age Perfect, Men and Women's Diet?

How Age Perfect, Men and Women's Diet?

At what age women and men should start a diet? 

Forza Supplements, which conducted research to a thousand people, say the perfect age for a woman's diet is 32 and men 31. 

But before the company was held research diet, Kate Middleton, Beyonce, and Prince William has done it. 

-Many women aged 32 to say at the beginning of the age of 30, women trying to lose weight optimal, because at that age every woman wants to stay fit and keep up appearances. 

If there is a diet in pertertahan age 30 and 40, that person does not care about their appearance, and aging. Going on a diet before the age of 30 years was also in vain, because when it anyone still hooked party. 

As many as 82 percent of respondents said that age 30 is the golden period for the men and women to go on a diet. The average woman in Britain gave birth before age 30, while a woman becomes a mother at the age of 28 years. 

Losing weight after childbirth is an incentive for women who want to indulge in weight. Some 56 percent of respondents said that the current diet becomes easier.
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