Diet honey, sweet way lose weight

Diet honey, sweet way lose weight

Most of you probably only know that honey is for beauty purposes, material for food, and health. But rarely are aware that honey can be used as one method of dieting.

As reported, the inventor of this diet is Mike McInnes said that those who eat foods high in fructose such as honey can burn fat faster. Not only was their stamina will also be increased. This is because honey acts as a fuel the liver to produce glucose. This will make glucose sugar levels high and force the brain to release fat burning hormones.

If you are interested in trying this diet method, here are some rules of the diet of honey that you should live

  • Replace all of your sugar with honey. Including the intake of sugar in food, beverage, and your cake. 
  • Do not eat junk food. Because junk food did not contain the nutrients your body needs. 
  • Choose unrefined carbs such as whole wheat flour instead of white flour. 
  • Make sure that the protein you consume low fat. Because fat will only raise your blood sugar levels. 
  • Be careful in eating fruit because the fruit itself is high in sugar content of honey is able to ruin your diet. 
  • Do not eat potatoes because potatoes in any form will cause a rise in insulin in the body. 

Honey diet just like another diet that requires a strong commitment to run it. Interested to try it?
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