Kegel Exercise Helps Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Kegel Exercise Helps Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Kegel exercisers not only female hip muscles tighten. For men, kegel exercisers can also overcome the problem of premature ejaculation intercourse with a partner. In fact, the intensity of this exercise is equivalent to the application of powerful drug Viagra. Interestingly, kegel exercisers also general health of the body without side effects such as Viagra as a tonic. 

Collected from the moment, the use of kegel exercisers for premature ejaculation has been proven by research. Studies done Dr. Antonio Pastore, urologist from Sapienza University of Rome, found that men who regularly perform kegel found more rarely get this ejaculation. 

Meanwhile, according to Dr Medeleine Castellanos, a sex expert, says that kegel make man better able to control the release of urine. Additionally, when the man finds himself an orgasm it will feel sensations more pleasurable and powerful. 

Kegel exercisers are also associated with erectile ability. Castellanos said, kegel help erections become stronger and better quality. This double benefit of making a diligent man kegel exercisers get increased sexual kuaitas publicly with his partner. 

Kegel exercise for men is focused on strengthening the pelvic muscles or pelvis. In men, the focus in the seating area as at the time sit on the horse. In places such as muscle toning is done currently hold urine or gas. Do muscle toning movements for several seconds. In each session do movement 10-15 times.
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