Easy ways Banish bad breath

Easy ways Banish bad breath

Useless to have a neat row of teeth but when speaking out of breath is not pleasant aroma. I wonder if the bad breath is the reason most people to the dentist, in addition to the problem of brittle teeth and gum disease. 

The root of the problem of the problem of bad breath is poor oral hygiene, especially after eating. Scent is not pleasant also not only have an impact on self-confidence, but need to be aware of the complications of chronic diseases suffered
Food eaten would affect breath odor. When a person eats food with strong odors, such as garlic or onion, the smell will usually smell on the breath. This is because the oil with a pungent odor in garlic will go into the blood stream and cause bad breath. 

Unfortunately, brushing teeth and rinsing with mouthwash is not much eliminate the smell. The smell can only disappear after food was removed by the body. 

In addition to the strong-smelling foods, bad breath can occur because there are still remnants of food in my teeth already brushed though. Leftover food can be food for the growth of bacteria that accumulate in the mouth and cause bad breath. 

Smoking and chewing tobacco can also lead to bad breath as well. The remains of tobacco will settle in between the teeth and a means to grow the bacteria. Furthermore, smokers are also at higher risk for experiencing gum problems. 

If you suffer from chronic diseases, such as diabetes and kidney failure, the possibility to experience the smell of bad breath is very large. In patients with diabetes, their bodies are unable to break down glucose as an energy source and a perfectly digestible fat instead. By-product of fat digestion results in the form of ketones is what contributes to causing bad breath. 

Similarly, people with kidney failure, the difference between compounds that cause bad breath is not a ketone, dimethyl sulfate instead. 

The solution to this problem is simple, namely to improve oral hygiene or control chronic diseases suffered. Additional tools such as brush the tongue are also able to assist in cleaning the tongue surface bacteria that cause bad breath. 

In addition, drinking plenty of water, chewing sugarless gum can also help. This is because these activities can increase the production of saliva which cleans leftover food and odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.
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